특   징 용   도

1.Can Be Used as Vacuum Hose
2. Excellent in Resisting Anti-Abrasion
3. Easy Handling And installation As it is rich in Excellent Flexibility
4.Good Resistance To Outside Squash
5. Superior Transparent Make Easy to see inside Fluid
6. No Resistance in transfer Of Matters And Movement itself As the inner And Outer Side Are Plane Surface
7.Reinforced With Sprial Steel Wire
8.아연도 강선 보강으로 흡입용으로 사용
9.유연성 ,내외압성을 갖추어 외부충격에 강함
10.고투명 표면으로 이송물체 확인이 용이함

1. Factory Suction Line Injection Machine For Power & Granule
2. Piping For Factory Chemicals
3.Non-Poisonous Products Are Avaiable for the transfer of Foods ,Beverage Wine &Refreshing Drinks
4.Suction & Delivery Line For Lubricationg Oil
And Petrol And Petroleum Based Vessels
5.Marine Site And Fishing Vessels
6. 분말 또는 알갱이 이송용
7.식품.음료.와인 등 무독을 요하는 제품이송용
8.윤활유 또는 경유 공급용
9. 각종기계 .공장용. 배관


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